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Download up to date, dynamic and interesting lesson plans for your ESL ELT Classroom for Current, Business and ESP English. The website is updated weekly.
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Buildings and Measurements – The Marshmallow Challenge
Buildings and Measurements

Prepared to be amazed by the creativity of your participants. This lesson starts by talking about measurements and exploring some of the highest points in the world. They’ll learn useful language relating to making measurements, capped off with the Marshmallow Challenge which challenges them to build the tallest freestanding structure using spaghetti, string, sticky tape and teamwork! Answers key and teacher’s notes included.


LifeHacks – Simple solutions for everyday problems

A LifeHack. Defined as a simple (often cheap) solution to a typical, everyday problem. Made famous through social media, these different tips are both useful and fascinating. This lesson explores LifeHacks in general and in the office / study. The participants will come up with their own life hacks, as well as discuss the pros and cons of others. It features plenty of discussion, vocabulary and reading opportunities and participants will love learning about the different LifeHacks. Answer key and teacher’s notes included.


Buying Second Hand – eBay
Buying Second Hand

This lesson looks at there world of buying second hand. It begins with a discussion on the best ways to sell second hand goods, followed a vocab and discussion exercise on eBay. The participants then complete a really fun estimation activity, where they are asked to guess the value of a house, car and TV with just a short description. You’ll be surprised at the wide range of values! Answer key included.

The Green Life
Eco Living

Here is a nice conversation worksheet to see how “Green” your participants are. It begins with a look at a typically green house followed by a small discussion. It finishes with a look at LOHAS, a market sector which looks at spending on green items. Work through the different points with your class and see how green they are.


Making Money and Banking
ESL Right Now – Making Money

A lesson plan which explores the world of banking and finance. Students will discuss the best ways to make money, look at the language point of showing caution and then put their banking knowledge to the test with a loan application discussion exercise. The Levi Roots lesson plan is attached to the end of this worksheet which you can also find the Business English section. Teacher’s notes and answer keys are available.


Supermarket Psychology and Consumerism
Consumerism (Supermarket Psychology)

How many times have you gone into a supermarket with the aim of buying one or two items and coming out with bags and bags of items? There is a reason and this worksheet explores the different ways supermarkets encourage us to buy more. Discussion, language work and the chance for students to market their own supermarket ideas feature in this worksheet. Teacher’s notes and answer keys included.


ESL Right Now – Advertising

A new ESL lesson plan looking at the topic of advertising. This lesson plan will provide plenty of creative discussion, language work and vocabulary exercises. Creates a fun and interesting learning environment and is ideal for both the general and business ESL class.
Teacher’s notes and answer keys included.


The App
ESL Right Now – The App

A fun, dynamic and very interesting lesson plan exploring the world of Apps. This lesson plan looks at a variety of auethentic apps on the market and encourages discussion, the language point of speculating, and an opportunity for students to create their very own App. Teacher’s notes and Answers keys included.


ESL Right Now – Change

A lesson plan exploring the changes witnessed over the last 50 years or so. This lesson plan provides excellent opportunities for discussion as well as introducing and practising the language function of descriving trends. Teacher’s notes and answer keys included.

Understanding Cultures
ESL Right Now – Understanding Cultures

A lesson plan which explores both the general and business side of cultural underestanding. The lesson can be used as a whole or you can take a page to supplement a course or textbook looking at the topic of culture. Teacher’s notes and answer keys included.


Incredible Intelligence
Extraordinary Success

Meet Daniel Tammet, known to many as the boy with the incredible brain. Daniel is able to calculate huge mathematical sums in his head and memorise unbelievable amounts of numbers (for instance he is able to memorise pi to 22,514). This lesson focuses on his abilities. Through a variety of interactive tasks, participants will read, watch and marvel in the brilliance of Daniel Tammet.


ESL Right Now – Week 9 – Survival

Over the years, programmes such as Lost and Survivor, coupled with people such as Bear Grylls and Ray Mears have helped popularize the theme of survival. This lesson looks at exactly that, including a survival scenario, a Bear Grylls video, a creative survival exercise and a reading text. Filled with interesting tasks, it is sure to ignite the creativity in the ESL classroom. Teacher’s notes and answer key included.

Technology and Invention
ESL Right Now – Technology and Invention – Week 8

A lesson plan which looks at the world of technology and inventions. This lesson focuses on describing technology and products and is filled with useful language and vocabulary related to technology and inventions. It concludes with a look at Project Glass, Google’s ambituous project which aims to computerise glasses. As always your feedback is most welcome! If you have any questions on this lesson plan, please do write in the comment box below and start your comment with #Week 8 –


European Horsemeat Scandal
English Right Now – Horsemeat Scandal – Week 7

It is difficult times for the supermarkets in Europe right now, with the UK, France and Germany all reported to be selling horsemeat products under the name of beef. The scandal is ongoing and so here is an interesting and diverse lesson plan exploring the world of food ethics and quality control.

To ask questions about the lesson plan or to share your ideas about it, please comment at the bottom of this page. Start your comments with #Week 7 –


17 Responses to Current ESL Lesson Plans

  1. DKelly says:

    Your lessons look excellent.

    Thankyou for sharing them!

  2. Ashlie Goff says:

    Firstly, I would like to say how much I (and my students) enjoy your lessons. They’re truly fantastic!

    Secondly, I was wondering if you could provide an answer key for “The Green Life”. I have some real estate English classes that this would work fabulous with. I simply don’t know where to begin when it comes to labeling the house.

    Thank you for all your hard work


    • Hi Ashlie,

      Thanks for your very kind comments. It’s great to hear that 🙂

      The answer key to the house is as follows:
      1. wind turbine
      2. photovoltaic cells
      3. double glazing
      4. water butt
      5. solar panels
      6. insulation
      7. ground source heat pump

      Hope that helps !


  3. Omar says:

    Awesome stuff! Helps a lot! Any new ones coming up any time soon?

  4. Miss October says:

    Can you give some Business English lessons for Japanese learners too? I mean a simplified lessons. Your lessons are lifesaver for my future career.

  5. Luke Lorenc says:

    I’m going to be using the Contracts and Agreements lesson for my class and just want to say thank you for writing it 🙂

  6. Maya Meyers says:

    I just found your site! I began teaching 5th year engineering students last year and next (fall 2016) I will teach 3rd year engineering students! (Plus a bunch of other classes too!) I have just spent the last hour reading your lessons and I am definitely going to give them a try next term!
    Thank you
    All the best
    Maya in France

  7. Lutfeeia Linninger says:

    I just stumbled on your site! Looking for ideas teaching engineers, 4th-semester students, and business students. Will give it a go, especially the “Technology and Inventions” and “Eco” lessons,
    Many thanks and best wishes,
    Lutlinn (Austria)

  8. Ron says:

    Do I havre your permission to distribute the following to my students?:

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